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Digital Mailroom Solutions

For most businesses, the quest to go environmentally friendly or paperless has often failed before it has got off the ground. The reason? That delivery of paper-based mail every morning.

Topwood’s digital mailroom solution is services are helping a growing number of businesses to streamline, increase efficiency and save costs. Get all of you post via your current email system, work from home, and access your office in the cloud.

How does a ‘Virtual Mailroom’ work?

An electronic mailroom digitises all the inbound emails for your business before forwarding it to your team.

Via a simple PO Box or Redirect, your mail will be delivered to Topwood by the Royal Mail. Our preparation department will open all envelopes, discard junk mail, separate valuable items for return to you, organise banking if necessary and prepare all documents for scanning.

Once scanned to a high-definition image, your mail will be OCR’d allowing us to automatically read and capture key information that is matched to ‘rules’ that we establish with you.

If the letter says ‘To the MD’ our system will send a pdf of the letter to the MD or to a PA if that is the rule in place.

Any items that are one-offs and do not have a rule can be forwarded to a generic email address so that you can decide who needs to see it.

What are Topwood’s Digital Mailroom benefits?

Our DocView platform can interact with any modern system that you have to manage your processes.

If you have a system of referencing for clients in your CRM, employees in your HR system and/or cases in your case management system, we can ‘file’ a copy of mail directly to the correct place as well as the copy to the member of staff.

Is your data safe with Topwood?

Our digitisation process if fully ISO accredited as well as being compliant to BS10008. This means any mail item that we scan is not only safe, but also admissible in a court of law as category B evidence. Topwood’s Virtual mailroom solutions are used in HR, Legal, Manufacturing and hospitality sectors.

If you have a desire to reduce your carbon footprint, increase efficiency or incorporate the aspects of Industry 4.0 then a digital mailroom solution from Topwood is an easy and cost effective way to start the process off.

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