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Topwood Ltd

Secure Document Shredding Services

Topwood offers secure on-site and off-site document destruction. These services can be scheduled for regular collections or on an ad hoc basis.

Why Use Topwood’s Professional Shredding Service?

For every batch of confidential material shredded a certificate of destruction can be downloaded. The shredded paper is recycled into useful paper products. We supply a range of consoles, wheelie bins and sacks that will keep your material safe, ready for shredding.

What are the benefits of document shredding with Topwood?

Topwood’s shredding team have years of experience and will have a solution that meets your shredding needs in the most cost-effective way possible. Call 0800 781 1066 or request a quote using our quote form.

Our Secure Shredding Services across the UK

Topwood provides secure shredding and destruction services for businesses across the North West, North Wales, and West Midlands. We can either shred on-site at your premises or collect for off-site shredding with our GPS tracked fleet of vehicles, ensuring secure, efficient, and responsive service.

Interested in our professional shredding services? Call 0800 781 1066 or request a quote using our quote form now!

Document Shredding

Electronics, Media and Product Destruction

Shredding Consoles and Bins

Mobile Shredding

Off-site shredding

What sets our secure shredding services apart from the rest? - Professional shredding of documents, electronic media and other products

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An Accredited Shredding Service That You Can Trust

Topwood is accredited with the following:

An environmentally friendly solution to shredding confidential information

We recycle 100% of any shredded paper, to help you and your business reach your environmental targets. We also aim to recycle as much of our media and product destruction as possible.

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If you would like to find out more about our secure document scanning, shredding and storage solutions call 0800 781 1066 or request a call back using our call back form.

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