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Media and Product Destruction

Benefits Of Secure Destruction

We work with client businesses across all sectors to ensure that their end of life Media, Data, Uniforms and Physical stock is destroyed securely. Secure product and media destruction ensures that our clients brand, their IP and their identity remain secure.

Why is secure shredding important?

Business security and identity protection are now a primary business concern.

It is possible for a single hard drive or disk to contain thousands of files. It is not sufficient for a Data Controller to instruct an IT engineer to wipe information from electronic media. Information can still remain after deletion. For example, emails and online activity are still recoverable by those with the ‘know how’ and motive. The surest way to know that information can never be recovered from electronic media is to physically destroy it.

Topwood are experts in the secure destruction of data. Our low speed high torque industrial shredder cuts and grinds the media into tiny fragments until they pass through a screen (30mm down to 6mm depending on security requirements). Once powder-like the rendered material is sent to a smelter so it can be recycled.

What items can be destroyed

Our high torque industrial shredders can destroy a wide range of materials. We shred hard drives, discs and cassettes, clothing and any number of other substances.

Once material is rendered down we can grade the material and process for reuse or recycling. Depending on the nature of the material’ we ensure that you are fully compliant with the waste handling regulations and that documentation is complete.

Types of Media Destruction Available from Topwood



Mechanical Destruction Shredding reduces items to small pieces which are approximately the size of a thumbnail. Doing so will eliminate the possibility of data theft and give you complete peace of mind that the media has been completely destroyed.

Disintegration using a 6mm screen mechanical disintegration cutting items into pieces until they are small enough to fall though the screen. Once complete the material is powder like – totally unrecognisable and with no possibility in anyway of being reconstructed.By using a machine called a Degausser we are able to erase data from magnetic media such as tapes or disks. The Degausser changes the magnetic field on the media thereby permanently removing any stored information without the possibility of recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

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