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Many organisations believe the purchase of office paper shredders will sufficiently cope with the destruction of their confidential paper waste. Whilst these shredders are sold as heavy duty shredders they still require the removal of staples, paperclips, bulldog clips and other such bindings which is time consuming. In addition, these shredders cannot cope with more than a few sheets per pass so staff waste valuable time waiting for papers to shred.

Gradually this inefficiency deters staff from shredding. Likewise, office shredders regularly jam or breakdown so they are out of action. When they are full they are out of use until the maintenance man can empty them. Ultimately, these problems mean papers and files get left unsecured in the workplace which compromises your data security.

Operating best practice procedures such as clear desk policies or shred-all policies becomes impossible and serious gaps develop in your efforts to protect your staff, customers and your good reputation.

In addition to security issues, time motion analysis demonstrates that office shredders are not an efficient use of your valuable staff time. Our regular shredding services offer a better solution.

As part of the service we supply a variety of lockable shredding containers. Regardless of whether secure consoles or wheeled shredding bins best suit your needs our regular shredding services ensure unwanted documents can be safely and easily deposited in your workplace.

You are safe in the knowledge that prying eyes cannot view unwanted paperwork. This secures the first link in the chain of custody as the documents and files remain locked in the shredding containers until our security vetted operatives empty the contents direct into a shredder either on-site or at our secure shredding facility.

At the scheduled time on the agreed day our security vetted staff will visit and shred on-site (or off-site).

A regular collection can be scheduled to suit your requirements – for example it can be first thing in the morning before your office staff arrive for work. We have the equipment, the expertise and staff to develop a confidential waste management scheme that is best for your company.

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