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Shred Size Explained

This image shows the size difference between Standard Shred Mode (left) and High Security Cross Cut Shredding (right).

Shred Size Explained

Our Operators can easily increase security for ultra-sensitive material.

Onsite destruction is the safest option. It ensures the shortest chain of custody so by definition there is less opportunity for a breach of security. Our shredding lorries are highly efficient so we do not charge a premium for onsite shredding.

Some documents are classed above ‘commercially sensitive’. The destruction of restricted or secret documents requires the highest security shredding as determined by the relevant governing body.

The CPNI Standard (formerly SEAP), which governs the destruction of sensitive documents for government departments like the MoJ and MoD, specifies a shredding outcome of 60-100mm sq. That is about the size of a push pin head. We have MDX shredders which are fitted with state of the art shredding technology to cross cut up to DIN 66399 level P-4 (EN15713 Security level 6). For more information regarding shred size download the PDF.

With the ability to switch from standard shredding for commercially sensitive items to high security mode at the press of a button allows us to change the levels of shredding during the same visit. For example, general paperwork for a banking group in Manchester can be destroyed in standard mode on the same visit as we shred their credit card receipts which must be cross cut to DIN level P-3.

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