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Securing Your Waste with our Bins and Consoles


nsuring your confidential office waste is disposed of securely is vital to protect your business;

  • Firstly ensure sensitive documents are not left unsecured
  • Discarding documents into waste paper bins is not secure
  • Depositing documents into Topwood’s locked containers is the safest option
  • We supply the containers free of charge
  • Our range suits all workplace environments
  • Documents are shredded on-site in a Topwood shred truck and removed for recycling

90% of security breaches are inside jobs so keep your
discarded information from prying eyes.


Secure Your Waste

Many documents contain valuable personel information, when the time comes to destroy it this information must be handled securely.

Chain of Custody Step 1

Use a Professional Shredding Service

All of your business's confidential information should be destroyed correctly, by a professional accredited shredding company.

Chain of Custody Step 2

Obtain a Certificate of Destruction

To confirm that your waste has been destroyed properly you should always be presented with a Certificate of Destruction.

Chain of Custody Step 3

Call Topwood

Topwood ensure all of your business data is destroyed securely and confidentially. For more information please get in touch.

Chain of Custody Step 4

We can help to Secure Your Waste

We have a range of secure storage consoles, bins and solutions (below) - supplied free of charge. For more information about our Chain of Custody and how it will help your business please get in touch with us.

Topwood - Secure Document Equipment & Supplies

Document Consoles

Topwood Secure Document Console Our secure consoles are available in grey or beech effect. The consoles are kept locked and a letterbox opening at the front together with a clever internal baffle plate means nothing can be extracted without a key.
The consoles typically hold 25-40kg of paper and measure – slightly smaller than a domestic washing machine.

Dual Shredding Console

Topwood Secure Dual Document Console Our secure dual shredding consoles combine secure storage of confidential documents with storing data such as hard drives, CD’s, USB’s and tapes in a separate compartment. These consoles have a letter box slot at the top of each compartment and an internal baffle plate so once papers and data deposited into the console, they cannot be retrieved without a key (which is supplied to an authorised member of your staff).

Document Sacks

Topwood Document Sacks We supply polyprop and paper sacks which are strong enough to hold 15-25kg of paper (approximately 1-2 archive boxes of files) - they are delivered flat packed to save you space.
The sacks are of a solid material so when filled your confidential contents cannot be seen inside.

Wheelie Bins

Topwood Secure Wheelie Bins All our wheelie bins are all supplied with a letterbox type opening in the lid so papers and files can easily be slid in but a clever internal baffle plate means nothing can be extracted from the bin without unlocking the lid.
The secure wheelie bins come in 3 sizes; 140 litre, 240 litre and 360 litre.

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Not All Shredding Sacks Are The Same

Topwood Document Sacks
  • Options of either poly prop or paper sacks
  • Capable of holding 15kg - 25kg of material
  • Delivered flat packed to save storage space
  • Sacks are non-see through

When filled and sealed our sacks are a great way for your confidential material to be kept from prying eyes until our truck arrives on site to securely shred your material.

Paper sacks have a ‘block bottom’ so they stand upright by themselves as you fill them.

When filled, you can seal the sacks closed. The polyprop sacks are closed with a security tag and the paper sacks have a peel & seal system.

Sealing the sacks keeps the contents safe from prying eyes. The only way to access the contents is to break the tag or tear the sack.


Sack Trolley

Sack Trolley
  • Supplied free for regular shredding customers
  • Helps fill sack to maximum
  • Makes filling the sacks much easier
  • Reduces manual handling

To help fill large volumes of polyprop sacks we can supply you with a trolley that holds the sacks open as you fill. Not only does this make filling the sacks easier on your back but it also gives you a better fill of the sack.

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