Why use secure receptacles for your confidential waste?

Most information security breeches are purely accidental and are caused simply by people seeing things when they are looking for something else. Whether as part of a clean desk or ‘hotdesking’ environment, the need for paper to be secure is one of the challenges of the ‘new office’.

✔ Lockable
✔ Matches normal furniture 
✔ Keeps office tidy 
✔ Secure against accidental breech 
✔ Advertises caution 
✔ Ensures secure destruction 

Securing Your Waste with Lockable Waste Bins and Consoles

Ensuring your confidential waste is disposed of securely is very straightforward good practice

  • Locked consoles and bins ensure sensitive documents are not left unsecured
  • Unlocked waste paper bins are great for rubbish but not for documents
  • Topwood’s locked containers help staff to develop good secure habits
  • Topwood’s containers are supplied free of charge
  • Our range suits all workplace environments and colours
  • Consoles and bins are emptied by DBS cleared staff and documents are shredded on-site at your premises in a mobile shred truck removing any risk

We can help to Secure Your Waste 

We have a range of confidential waste bins, lockable consoles and shred sacks to suit all size of businesses and their needs. Our consoles fit in with your current furniture colour and are emptied securely on a schedule to suit your needs.

The equipment that we loan to companies at no cost is an important part of our whole guaranteed secure service.  Waste disposal is becoming more critical, and our service not only allows you peace of mind over security but also over the environment.  Our bags and consoles are re-used and all of the paper collected, once shredded, is recycled.

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Lockable Shredding

Shredding Consoles

Our secure consoles are available in grey, white or beech. The shredding consoles are kept locked and a letterbox opening at the front together with a clever internal baffle plate means nothing can be extracted without a key.

The consoles typically hold 25-40kg of paper and measure – slightly smaller than a domestic washing machine.

Dual Lockable
Shredding Console

Dual Lockable Shredding Console

Our secure dual shredding consoles combine secure storage of confidential documents with storing data such as hard drives, CD’s, USB’s and tapes in a separate compartment.

These consoles have a letter box slot at the top of each compartment and an internal baffle plate so once papers and data deposited into the console, they cannot be retrieved without a key (which is supplied to an authorised member of your staff).

Shredding Sacks

Document Shredding Sacks

We supply polyprop and paper shred sacks which are strong enough to hold 15-25kg of paper (approximately 1-2 archive boxes of files) – they are delivered flat packed to save you space.

The sacks are of a solid material so when filled your confidential documents cannot be seen inside.

Lockable Confidential
Wheelie Bins

Lockable Confidential Wheelie Bins

All our lockable wheelie bins are all supplied with a letterbox type opening in the lid so papers and files can easily be slid in but a clever internal baffle plate means nothing can be extracted from the bin without unlocking the lid.

The secure wheelie bins come in 3 sizes; 140 litre, 240 litre and 360 litre.