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5 Things To Consider When Archiving Your Documents

Increase in Demand for On-site Shredding

Do You Take Card Payments?

5 Benefits of Document Scanning

Keeping schools safe

Cleveland Police Files Found Dumped in Skip

Key Control Policy for Lockable Shredding Bins

Do Your Shredders Cut To A Size That Is GDPR Compliant?

Document Scanning and GDPR Compliance

Document Storage and The Data Protection Act

How Will Electronic Document Management Improve Efficiency?

Indexing and cataloguing

SIC codes

EWC codes

Data mapping

General Data Protection Regulation

Retention schedule

Waste transfer note

Dual console

Topwood Expand into Hereford

Are You and Your Employees Aware of the Data Protection Act?

Stay Secure Throughout The Christmas Holidays

IS0 27001 Renewed For Another Year At Topwood

Watch Out For Prying Eyes

What should I be shredding?

The Costs of Free Shredding

Free Community Shredding Event - October 2017

FAQ: What is a dual shredding console?

Self-Storage Disaster!

FAQ: Do you have to remove staples before shredding?

FAQ: How do you work out prices for confidential shredding?

Your 5 Step Guide to GDPR and Data Destruction

FAQ: Do you provide a shredding contract?

Back on the Road

GDPR – What is it and does it affect me?

How Much Do You Know About Your Data Security?

Planting trees for the future

New shred truck coming soon!

Quality Standard ISO 9001 and What It Means For You

Should you use self-storage for your data records?

Data Destruction Disasters

FAQ: What is a shredding console and what are the benefits?

The Benefits of Shredding


PMs Travel Plans left on a Train!

Another New High Security Shred Truck for Topwood

Even once collected organisations are still liable for their waste

PAS 7010

Three Reasons to Clear Unwanted Paperwork

PHS Datashred sold for £83m to Restore plc

What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

A Day of Destruction at Malpas Fair

FAQ: How can Topwood help me to get CSR

Guide to Archive Barcodes and References

Secure Patient Records Management

FAQ: Does your on-site shredding service provide a full audit trail?

Top Safety Accreditation

FAQ: How do I access my scanned documents?

FAQ: Can you scan all paper document sizes?

FAQ: What is the best format for scanned documents?

FAQ: What is the scanning process?

FAQ: What is the guidance on ownership, storage and destruction of documents?

FAQ: Do I need to remove staples and other stationery before scanning?

FAQ: Can I have my documents back after scanning?

Does your data destruction fulfill your CSR?

FAQ: Are my scanned documents legally admissible?

Food fraud: Why it is important to shred food packaging

FAQ: How will regular bulk shredding benefit you?

FAQ: Why is on-site shredding the safest option?

Shredding sacks: Poly Prop or Paper?

Free Trial: Topwood's Shredding Consoles

FAQ: Can you store items at file level?

Guide to Preparing for Off-site Document Storage

FAQ: How do I catalogue my files for off-site storage?

Your reputation is at risk following a Data Breach

Online Data Breach at Greenwich University

FAQ: How do I retrieve files from storage?

ICO's Toolkit for SMBs

FAQ: How can I destroy my stored files?

FAQ: What is Archive Storage?

Document storage

FAQ: Why does professional document storage make good commercial sense?

Data theft - a business threat to take seriously

FAQ: How does the Topwood Storage process work?

FAQ: In what way are documents stored at Topwood?

FAQ: What are the benefits of using barcodes?

FAQ: Do we have to use your archive boxes?

FAQ: Why is your archiving service better than self storage?

FAQ: Can you provide on-site data destruction?

FAQ: What can you store at Topwood?

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) fined £200k by ICO for data breach

FAQ: How will online records management improve our efficiency?

Five Million Fraud cases in a year

FAQ: How do I prepare files for archiving?

ICO fines Energy Firm £200,000 for nuisance calling

FAQ: What is PD5454:2012?

FAQ: How do I destroy branded uniforms and corporate workwear?

FAQ: Can you provide shredding services near me?

FAQ: How do we pay for your services?


How exposed is your business to a data breach?

Security Culture: Identity Theft Facts and Prevention tips

Certificate of Destruction Explained

Guess the shredded item!

FAQ: What is the difference between office shredders and industrial shredder hire?

FAQ: How do I get my Certificate of Destruction?

Topwood's Free Community Shred Events

Hampshire Council Sending Paper Recycling to China

Council Data Security: Loss of information "Deeply Disturbing"

5 Step Process to securely destroy your data

Bulk or regular shredding service?

Connecting Cheshire: Threapwood has Super Fast Fibre!

HR Document Retention Guide Schedule [Human Resources]

FAQ: What are EWC and SIC codes?

FAQ: What is lean process in records management?

FAQ: How many office consoles do I need for my office?

Superfast Internet comes to Topwood and Threapwood

Topwood's Glossary

FAQ: What are the dimensions of your shredding consoles?

Poly prop sack

Product destruction


Data destruction

Strip shredding

Security vetting


Records management

On-site Shredding

Off-site shredding

Information security ISO27001

Document management

Data Protection Act 1998

Data processor

Data controller

Cross cut


Chain of custody

Certificate of destruction

Bulk clearance


FAQ: What is a community shred event?

A smashing day at Malpas Fair 2015

Charity cold calling Investigation: You cannot subcontract liability

FAQ: What is the Shredding Chain of Custody Process?

FAQ: Do you have a range of lockable wheelie bins?

FAQ: How environmentally friendly is your paper shredding service?

FAQ: Can we have the archive boxes back after shredding?

A brilliant night at the Shropshire Business Awards 2015

FAQ: Do we have to remove paperwork from archive boxes?

How long should I keep documents for?

Standards governing the secure destruction of documents and data

FAQ: Do you provide sacks for paper to be shredded?

FAQ: Can you recycle paper that is already shredded?

FAQ: Can you shred whole lever arch files?

MoD 'searched court bins' at SAS selection deaths inquest

Lockable containers that keep your office secure

FAQ: Do you offer Data Destruction?

Topwood Ltd are shortlisted for a 2015 Shropshire Business Award

Laptop with MoD Donnington employee details stolen

Guide to Waste Disposal Note legislation

20th Event for Infosecurity: Europe's biggest Information Security Exhibition

How is Topwood better than the competition?

Create an Internet Security Culture for the Home and Workplace

Identity Theft Part 2: Internet Security

Secure regular shredding is the best option

Destroy your Paper Counterpart Driving Licence

Five Reasons to use a Regular Shredding Service

Identity theft rises by almost a third

5 reasons why it makes sense to use off-site file storage

Sustainable environment and secure shredding

Recycling process and secure shredding

Why use lockable shredding containers?

Twelve years with two minutes for reflection

How do I implement a clear desk policy?

Why a shred-all policy makes sense

How off-site archive storage will lower your costs

What is the Data Protection Act?

Tom Gilruth does Channel 4’s Undercover Boss at Topwood Ltd

Topwood Ltd - Announcement

How to protect your business against fraud

We cannot believe it, but ID theft still happens

FAQ: What is the difference between on-site and off-site shredding?

Office Shredders Could Cost More than you Think

How secure is shredding & recycling paper?

FAQ: Why is using an ISO 27001 accredited firm my best guarantee?

FAQ: Are your staff security vetted?

FAQ: Why should we consider cross-cut shredding, and is it safer?

FAQ: What are the benefits of a scheduled shredding service?

Personal protection against ID theft improves security in the workplace

Responding to the alarm

Inmates accidentally given details of local school children

A three-step guide on how to choose a professional document shredding firm

Why are office shredders risky?

Great News on April 1st!

How secure is your paper recycling process?

How do I know if our shredding company is truly compliant with data security legislation?

Secure shredding and a sustainable environment

Spooks tells businesses - Staff are the Weakest Link

Waste hierarchy legislation explained

Are there security gaps lurking in your college

Preventing information security breaches in the office

New confidential paper shredding lorry on order for Topwood Shredding

Why shred size does matter

Environmental benefits of shredding and recycling

Archive Boxes - securing your files