Lowest risk off-site data storage

Unfortunately, it is becoming more common for companies to realise that their on-site safes are no longer up to date and therefore no longer in line with the latest regulations or guidelines concerning security.

✔ Secure
✔ Cost effective 
✔ Fully catalogued 
✔ Fire and water safe

The amount of physical data that companies keep has significantly reduced with the advent of cloud storage and back-ups. To purchase a vault, maintain it  and ensure that it remains up to date with regulations,  often represents a cost that is unjustifiable for most companies.

Off-site vaulted storage, as a result, has become a far more viable option. This sort of storage is also considered a terrific tool when combating the risks of fire. At Topwood, we offer this highly secure storage in two custom built vaults to house both electronic and paper data.

We currently use vaults that have been tested to Swedish NT Fire 017 and are fire resistant up to 2 hours.

Each item you select to store with Topwood will not only be allocated its own location but also be marked with a bar-code to ensure easy identification and location.  Items in storage are completely anonymous apart from this reference which gives an additional layer of security.

Our vaults are currently used for:

  • Magnetic tape storage
  • Computer disc storage
  • Hard-drive storage
  • Wills and Deeds storage for legal practices


Our Secure Storage Facilities

All  CD’s, DVD’s and computer tapes are not just stored but also monitored and stored in phoenix commander safes within the vault.

The already impressive set-up at Topwood has become even better with the introduction of a brand new Durasteel vault. The vault is fitted with an alarm system in addition to its CCTV system which is designed to monitor each and every individual that accesses the vault. Access itself is restricted to only those that have been authorised and have a swipe identity card to gain access.

The processes we employ as a provider of Secure off-site data storage are tested and monitored to ensure compliance with ISO27000 and BS10008

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Why Use Topwood?

Topwood provides secure offsite data storage to BS5454. Having a secure facility store your data is only one part of a robust disaster recovery plan. To ensure you can easily access and restore the correct data to get you back up and running in the event of a disaster our services include:

What Disaster?

There are the obvious ones such as natural disasters caused be extreme weather – like flooding. Fire is another element that could cause massive disruption but perhaps the biggest danger these days may actually come from within, such as a virus infecting your electronic technology.

With these sorts of threats unfortunately being an ever present, it makes it even more important to have all of your digital data stored offsite and backed up.

Eliminate the risk – get in touch with us today to discuss how Topwood can help with your Offsite Data Storage Policy.

All businesses should be fully prepared just in case disaster strikes. Without proper disaster recovery planning the damage that is caused from a disaster could cripple thriving businesses.

Topwood’s offsite data storage and back up facilities can play an integral part in not only preparing for a disaster but also aiding in the recovery should something like that occur.

For many companies it’s not simply a case of recovering, but recovering quickly to minimise any potential damage and losses. At Topwood we are confident that if something unfortunate did occur, we could have you back up and running and on the road to recovery within just a few hours.