What are the benefits of using barcodes?

A barcode number ensures that every box, file or document (item) has a unique reference. The barcode itself means that software used by the best records management companies tracks every movement and each activity of the items. This provides the customer with complete traceability. Barcodes do not replace other file references such as client name, matter etc. Read on to find our more.

Barcode labels are printed from software that adds a check digit to minimise human keying errors on data entry.

Once items are assigned a barcode they become unique and their handling and control becomes completely automated.

When we select and deliver items the barcodes are scanned. Once signed for the software will email an e-receipt to your inbox.

Customers can continue to use their own familiar references for items. The references are simply meta data that is tagged to the bar code. In time, many customers cease to use their own file and box numbering systems once they see the benefits of barcodes.

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