What is a dual shredding console?

Topwood’s dual shredding consoles are a new addition to the equipment and supplies for our regular document shredding customers. These consoles can provide customers with the benefit of storing both documents and electronic media safely in the same unit (in separate compartments) ready for when Topwood’s vetted staff arrive to empty into our mobile shred trucks.

There has been an increase in demand for electronic media destruction in recent years, with more news stories about sensitive information being breached from electronic devices such as hard drives and online emails. Data is still retrievable from these devices if when they have been ‘deleted’. The safest way to ensure the removal of data from electronic media is to physically destroy it.

The destruction of media is now as easy and simply as shredding documents. Topwood’s mobile shredding trucks have the ability to shred media on-site in the same visit as shredding your confidential papers. To accompany this new improvement in Topwood’s mobile shredding services, we can now provide dual shredding consoles to safely hold your data until our shred trucks arrive to shred on-site.

Dual Shredding ConsoleOur dual shredding consoles have two separate compartments; one for regular documents and the other for electronic media such as hard drives, CD’s, tapes USB’s and more. The process works the same as the regular document shredding consoles. The consoles are supplied free on loan as part of our regular shredding services. Documents and data are stored in these lockable cabinets until Topwood arrive at their arranged date and time. A member of Topwood’s vetted staff will empty the bags inside these cabinets and secure with a security tag. These bags will then be transported directly to the shred truck, the security tag broken and the contents of the paper and media bags shredded in separate consoles.

What is mobile (on-site) shredding?

Mobile Media Destruction

Organisations should be looking to shift towards mobile shredding as it ensures the shortest chain of custody and significantly reduces the risk of any security breach, whether that be deliberate or accidental.

Mobile shredding (also called on-site shredding) is when our shred trucks come to your location. We are able to offer mobile shredding for both documents and electronic media. Read more about how we can provide on-site data destruction here.