What is the difference between office shredders and industrial shredder hire?

One of the first questions you will ask yourself when you consider looking for an industrial shredder hire firm is “what is the difference?” Office shredders take up time, money, and valuable resources that could be used to grow your business, not to mention the risk of security breaches. Read on to find out more.

You may think that an office shredder is a small price to pay for ensuring the secure destruction of confidential papers. Apart from the initial purchase, little thought tends to be given to the total working costs of shredders.

Whilst some office shredders are sold as ‘industrial shredders’, they can only cope with a few sheets of paper per pass and staff spend hours breaking down files and removing staples. In the end staff are often unwilling to use them and show delight when they are jammed or out of service! That is when sensitive papers start to accumulate around your work place posing a security risk. In addition to this, they begin to take up valuable space and time.

As a professional shredding firm, Topwood can supply lockable confidenital waste bins containers called consoles, so you can efficiently dispose of confidential paperwork safely in the knowledge that they will be destroyed.

Using office shredders can be risky.

Office shredders do not make commercial sense and could actually put your business at risk…why?

Office shredders are:

Office shredder vs Professional industrial cross cut shredding

  • Slow
  • Easy to jam
  • Unable to cope with files or folders
  • Health and safety headache
  • Maintenance needy
  • Out of action when full
  • Fragments possible to reconstruct

The risks to your business when using office shredders:

  • Valuable staff time spent shredding paperwork is not generating you revenue
  • Delegation to juniors is risky
  • Slow or out-of-service shredders actually deter employees from destroying documents
  • The true cost of shredding is estimated at £1.55 per kg when all the costs are totalled
  • The worst threat to your business, staff or customers is a data security breach
  • Documents are left unsecure around the workplace when shredders jam, are full, or staff have no time to shred

We will save you money and protect your business in 3 steps:

  1. 1) Simply place documents into our secure locked consoles conveniently sited in your office
    • Unwanted files can be instantly and safely deposited
    • No need to remove staples or strip files
    • The consoles are 100% maintenance free
  2. 2) On the scheduled shred day our trained and security vetted staff empty the consoles
    • Flexibility ensures consoles are available for use
    • You remove the risk of staff manual handling injuries
    • Cross cut shredding ensures total destruction
  3. 3) The contents are shredded onsite in a shred truck while you watch

Industrial Shredder Cost Comparison

Office Shredder VS Industrial Shredding Service

Office Shredder:

1 Sheet = 5 seconds 1 box = 1 hour

= £15 per box

Plus the cost of data breach risks

Topwood’s Industrial Shredder: 1 Box = 18 seconds 100 Boxes = 1 hr

£3.75 per box

Industrial Shredder Time Comparison

Office Shredder Vs Industrial Shredding Service

We have compared the time it takes to shred paper using an office shredder, and our high security industrial confidential shredder.

For the same amount of time it takes to shred one piece of paper in an office shredder, you could shred an archive box or a sack of paper in our industrial confidential shredder.


“On site wow better than the home shredder 3 pages and then shut down for a week”

– Customer on Deeside Industrial Park


Using a professional confidential shredding company, like Topwood, you can save your employees time, and your company valuable resources. Reduce risk of security breaches and use a Local Leading Independent Shredding Firm.

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