What is the scanning process?

We have a confidential 7 step scanning process in place that ensures your files are safe and secure at all times. We come to you to collect your documents, scan into a format of your choice, and either shred and recycle your documents, or deliver them back to you. Read on to find out more.

With GDPR now in force it is more important for organisations to know exactly what information they have stored and where. Bulk scanning makes the process of finding documents easy and quick through our OCR searchable feature. This is important as the time to respond to Subject Access Requests quickly is a new requirement of GDPR.

Data Retention is also made easier through the right software. We store your scanned documents in the Cloud, making them accessible 24/7. Data retention schedules can be set and automatic rules can be applied in order to stay compliant with GDPR.

To find out how our document scanning process works, take a look at the process below.

The Document Scanning Process

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