Why does professional document storage make good commercial sense?

Outsourcing your document storage to a professional offsite archiving company like Topwood may seem like a unnecessary luxury but there is serious commercial sense in doing so. Storing documents offsite releases premium space to improve productivity and efficiency. Read on to find out more.

It is common to see files and documents kept in filing cabinets and store rooms around the workplace. However, when one or two filing cabinets occupy entire rooms and other back office space, you should ask, “Is this the best use of our workplace?”.

Office floor space demands premium rates. Every square foot used for filing cabinets is a lost opportunity to use that space for revenue-generating activity.

Storing documents offsite releases premium space to improve productivity and efficiency.

Once you consider the financial cost of storing files in the office, it is easy to see why offsite archive storage makes serious commercial sense.

That is a yearly saving of £94.80. This does not include the extra revenue generated by an extra desk in that same 6 foot space, with one more sales employee bringing in more business.

Storing documents with a professional secure offsite archive company may seem complicated, especially if you have a large archive at your offices, however, with Topwood Ltd, we make it simple and easy to achieve.

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Benefits of outsourcing document storage to a professional archive company:

  1. Free-up valuable floor space at your offices for revenue-earning activity
  2. Release your staff to focus on your customers and add more value to your business
  3. Purpose built storage units ensure documents are kept completely safe
  4. File tracking software we use allows for instant location and retrieval of files and ensures they are secure, away from prying eyes
  5. Outsourcing the manual handling of files removes the hidden costs of slips and trips with your own staff
  6. A professional archive company, like Topwood, will be able to help make the move towards electronic document storage

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