Why is on-site shredding the safest option?

On-site shredding is done at your workplace. It guarantees the shortest chain of custody and so, by definition is the most secure option. This contrasts with off-site destruction (when confidential waste is collected and taken away) which has a longer chain of custody. The shorter the chain the less chance of a security breach. Read on to find out more.

on-site shredding

New Regulations for Data Controllers

The new GDPR places greater liability on data controllers to prevent against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental destruction or damage, using the appropriate technical or organisational measures. Having your documents shredded on-site removes the need to audit the controls and premises used in the off-site destruction process. Documents and media shredded on-site by a professional shredding company means the chain of custody is minimal which reduces the risks of potential breaches ensuring you are compliant with the new Data Protection Act due to come into force in May 2018.

On-site or Off-site?

We offer two types of secure shredding: or off-site. While off-site shredding is still secure and may be the most convenient for some companies, we will always recommend on-site shredding as it involves the shortest chain of custody, and is therefore the most secure. You can find more information about the difference between on-site and off-site shredding here. On-site shredding is where your confidential paperwork is taken straight to the shred truck and shredded immediately at your premises. During the chain of custody, a security vetted staff member is constantly responsible for your confidential paperwork.

Three Reasons to Choose Topwood On-site Shredding:

1) We do more than you think

We can shred large volumes of paperwork on-site. Not only do we shred all kinds of documents, we can also destroy hard drives, USBs, CDs, video and data tapes in the same visit due to our separate shredders on board our mobile MDX shred trucks. We also supply you with a Certificate of Destructionafter the shredding has been completed.

2) Secure

With regular shredding visits and lockable shredding consoles (more about shredding receptacles), paperwork is disposed of immediately and securely. The consoles are emptied at every visit by one of our security vetted staff members and the contents are securely taken to the shred truck outside. The console bag is then emptied into the paper shredder. There are no opportunities for tampering during our process. You can view the process and see the paperwork being shredded yourself. Our MDX shred trucks cross-cut your sensitive documents to the standard required by NHS general practices and the Ministry of Justice.

3) Compliance

We are one of the only companies in the North West with ISO:27001 accreditation. Data controllers must make every effort to ensure the data processors are compliant; this award guarantees that we comply with the highest standards. Compliance is important for your company too: the Data Protection Act requires the destruction of all sensitive data to a sufficient level that it cannot be reconstructed.

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