Why is your archiving service better than self storage?

Self-storage costs are fixed according to the size of the unit available. Our archive storage provides the space you actually need. Other services we provide include free collection, retrieval and delivery, online access to documents, and secure destruction. This contrasts with self-storage where these services have to be managed by you which is time consuming and costly. Read on to find out more.

The Risks of Self-Storage vs Topwood Document Secure Storage


Our secure storage units at Topwood are covered by CCTV 24/7, with secure gates, doors, and barriers between the actual storage units.

Topwood are accredited to ISO27001, which is the highest standard for document management.


In self-storage, it is up to you to travel to the storage unit and locate your file, which could be a long and arduous task if there are no organisation measures for your files. At Topwood, we pride ourselves on our file organisation and management systems. When you need a file, all you need to do is quote the box or file barcode number, and we will locate and deliver the file to you.


Depending on the size of the unit, self-storage can get very expensive. Not to mention all the costs involved with your staff travelling to the units, and managing the files themselves. Topwood’s Secure Archive Storage is a cost-efficient way to manage your documents, plus all of our extra services (see below) will save you both time and money.

You should also consider the “cost” of any security breaches that could occur if, for example, a staff member forgets to lock the unit. What about if a staff member leaves files in the wrong boxes? It could take weeks to locate the correct files and re-organise them. Topwood are experts in confidential document management.


Staff at self-storage units are not Security Vetted. Topwood requires all staff who come into contact with sensitive material to be security vetted to BS7858. This vetting is required to comply with shredding standard EN15713 and is completed on all staff who work in our shredding, storage and scanning operations.

Services that form part of Topwood’s solution:

  • Collection
  • Delivery
  • Online access
  • Electronic document management
  • Secure destruction
  • Scan on Demand
  • Security Vetted Staff Members

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