Why use lockable shredding containers?

Locked shredding containers sited around the workplace ensure confidential documents can be easily and safely deposited denying opportunists their chance. Read on to find out more.

Secure confidential waste bins are generally wheelie bins (with locking lids) or lockable wooden cabinets constructed so documents cannot be removed once deposited. A professional shredding company will supply lockable shredding containers together with a mobile on-site shredding service. This combination provides a totally secure chain of custody as handling is kept to a minimum with no chance of sensitive material being viewed.

The use of shredding containers do not suffer the inherent problems associated with destroying documents in-house. Using office shredders which are known to be inefficient and prone to breakdown means frustrated users dispose of confidential documents through unsecured waste streams providing opportunists their chance. Shredding containers have no mechanical parts and a professional shredding firm will ensure optimal use.

Download our step-by-step guide detailing how your shredding is dealt with using our secure consoles.

Topwood provides secure shredding containers free of charge as part of its regular shredding service. It’s also environmentally friendly – all shredded paper is recycled and since 2012 we have planted over 900 oak trees with a target to plant another 2000 by 2018.

” Fab service – the shred truck was here just under an hour and shredded over 70 archives boxes. There was no noise and our office just functioned as normal. The guys were really professional and friendly too. It is great to think all those papers were on their way to be recycled as soon as the truck left!”

Hilary Mellor – Afford Bond Accountants, Nantwich

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